An easy way to demonize LA teachers: reduce them to a single number for their entire career!

I just started looking at the so-called “Value-added” scores that the Los Angeles Times has been using in order to make the teachers in the public schools there.

What the LATimes has done is so cynical and corrupt that it’s amazing that nobody seems to have noticed it and protested. Certainly the teachers’ union there should have pointed it out.

For each teacher, they only provide a SINGLE number for their alleged contributions over their entire career, whether they taught for one year, five years, or 51 years.

That is a dishonest, because these scores probably fluctuate like crazy from year to year, and the LAT doesn’t let you see how wildly they change from year to year, even when a teacher teaches the exact same grade level(s) to very similar students at the exact same school.

Or at least that’s what happened in NYC, as both Gary Rubenstein and I, working separately, discovered.

In oder to get a spresdsheet that contains all the data for all these teachers, for every year that there is data, I will probably have to pay about $400-$500, according to the data people I spoke to at the newspaper.

I would certainly like to find some folks willing to share the cost.

Anybody interested? You’d get a copy,too.

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  1. Sorry for the poor writing in this post. I am doing it from my hospital bed eith a Nook e-reader, and its really hard to fix snything. (Crohn’s disease. Such fun)
    Let me assure my readers that i eill do my best to get a copy of a spreadsheet that contains the “vslue added” raw-ish data for each teacher for ehich the LAT published data.
    One if theaspects of this production by the LAT that makes me use words like “cynical” and “corrupt” is that this hiding of the utter un-reliability of the data was billed as a eay to not embarrass the teachers. That falls into the categiry if a ZBIG LIE, in mybook.


  2. You have my academic email address. Please send me info about how I can send you a check. I’d be happy to help out. I read a lot of your posts to EDDRA.


  3. I’ll contribute, just let me know how and when. How’s $50 sound. Keep up the good work. I hope you’re feeling better, get well soon.


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