Gas is expensive here, but try Europe

I just read in Le Monde that super-premium unleaded gas has just crossed the symbolic price threshhold over there in France of 2.02 Euros per liter. In dollars, that’s $2.63 per liter. To get a US gallon, you need 3.79 liters, so a US gallon of high-test gas would cost, right now, about $10.20.


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  1. yes, but you get health care, 6 weeks vacation and senior care for that. Also, some bangers and mash at a good price.


    • Well said except for the bangers and mash. The French and pretty much everyone else on the European continent have food that’s way, way better than the crap they serve in the British Isles. Only exceptions are Indian and Pakistani restaurants and shops, from what I hear.


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