Looks like the ruling class has really won

That 7:1 margin of spending on ads in Wisconsin made a difference, I guess.

Scott Walker appears to have won, and decisively so. (NYT article here)

The good guys lost, and lost big.

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  1. Guy –

    I’m a big supporter of Unions in general, though at times I have seen them be destructive including self-destructive. That said, I think part of the problem Unions are having is they have lost their way. They have become the lap-dogs of the Democratic Party even when the only positive thing for Unions about Democrats is that they aren’t Republicans. They may not be pushing right to work for less laws or pulling a Scott Walker, they have not done anything to strengthen them.

    Unions can’t ignore politics,but they seem to do very little organizing or educating workers directly to build their base. Union membership has been dropping and I’ve seen a number of charts that show a direct correlation between that drop and the drop in median income. Unions need to be Unions first and political actors second to be successful. Organize workers. Fight for better working conditions and compensation. Hard, but it used to be what they did and very well.



  2. Goebbels understood this basic truth and so do the Republicans and the .1% who are now our rulers.


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