An Investigation Into Cheating by Adults In Philadelphia Public Schools

The recent whitewash job by Inspector General Willoughby in Washington, DC should be compared to the more thorough, yet still imperfect, investigations in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Please read a recent article in Education Week and help call for an honest investigation of Erasuregate under Michelle Rhee and Kaya Henderson in DCPS.

A couple of passages from the Ed Week article:

The scope of the Philadelphia School District’s problem with suspicious erasures on state standardized tests is far more widespread than officials have publicly revealed.

But so far state and District investigators have launched deeper probes into suspected cheating at only a third of the 53 schools where strong evidence was found.

Confidential documents and information obtained by Newsworksand the Public School Notebook show that many of the 53 schools were flagged across multiple grades, subjects, and years for extremely high rates of “wrong-to-right” erasures on test answer forms. The documents include results from erasure analyses conducted in 2010 and 2011, which state officials have declined to make public.

In response to those findings, the District put in place tough new test-security measures last spring. The result was huge drops in scores at nearly all of the 53 schools, 

And from a different source:

Standardized test scores dropped precipitously in Philadelphia District schools this year, with most of the biggest declines occurring in schools under investigation for possible cheating and in the early grades.

Details on those suspicious Philly erasures, which are quite similar to those in Atlanta and DC.


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