New Book On Fitness, Diet, and Exercise

There are lots of books, articles, and official position papers on fitness, diet, and exercise.

Many of them contradict each other.

Some are based on actual scientific research, and some are based on faith and wishful thinking. That is, they stick to a devoutly wished-for set of recommendations despite all evidence to the contrary.

I submit that the mainstream advice by the American Heart Association, AMA, and other official bodies is based on wishful thinking. The population of the USA and many other nations is getting steadily fatter and fatter BECAUSE they are trying to adhere to the ineffectual, counter-productive, low-fat, no-red-meat, lots-of-cardio-exercise philosophy that is standard health propaganda these days.

On the other hand, there are some books that are in fact based on evidence and factual research. Here are a few of them:

(1) Get a copy of any book by Gary Taubes. He is a meticulous researcher who has read virtually every published scientific work on diet, exercise, and fitness over the past century, and he has done a marvelous job of showing how biased and anti-scientific is the current dogma on exercise and nutrition. In particular, I recommend two of his books and a long New York Times article: Why We Get Fat; Good Calories, Bad Calories; and What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie?


(2) My son, Josef Brandenburg of The Body You Want, and a number of his colleagues, have just published a new book called Results Fitness. Apparently it gives their latest recommendations on diet, fitness, and exercise. Those recommendations do evolve and get modified as new evidence comes to light and as better practices get developed, so, unlike the recommendations of the current dominant medical orthodoxy, they have changed somewhat over time. The name of the book is Results Fitness. I haven’t read it yet (we have a couple of copies on order from, but it’s a joint effort by Josef and a long list of other trainers who have been collaborating for several years now.

Complete alphabetical author list for Results Fitness:

Shannon Austin, Travis Barnes, Aaron C. Benes, Heather Binns, Seth Bobbitt, Josef Brandenburg, Sabreena Candelaria, Cecily Casey, Laura S. Clancy, David “Andy” Clower, Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove, Benjamin Dearman, Derek Decater, Philip D. Deer, Matt Dewing, John P. Farkas, Darren Garland, Joshua Henkin, Nik Herold, John L. Honcharuk, Ryan Jobs, Robert Kelly, Jannette LaSota, Carmela Lieras, Meika Louis-Pierre, Cameron Makarchuk, Joseph Morstad, Travis Motley, Kari Negraiff, Steve Negraiff, Brian Nguyen, Jennifer L. Parker, Drew Ragan, Craig Rasmussen, Douglas L.Schwaberow, Dianne Sykes Scope, Chad Skrederstu, Gary R. Steffensen, Cecilia Walker, Lisa Welko, James P. Wilson, Amy Wunsch, Mike Wunsch, Robert D. Yontz, and Shannon Yontz.

I’ve never met any of these folks except for Josef, but I’ve been quite impressed with the evolution I’ve seen in his thinking and practice over the years. I haven’t read or even seen the book yet, but I know that all of those authors would of course be most gratified if you were to order a copy of Results Fitness today.


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