The Excellent Blogs of Diane Ravitch

Please spare some time to look at the many, many blog entries of the energetic and resourceful Diane Ravitch. She must spend a large fraction of her waking hours at the nearly thankless job of exposing the many hypocrisies of the Global Educational Rephorm Movement (aka GERM) and how it is busy privatizing education here in the United States.


I strongly suggest bookmarking or subscribing to her blog. You won’t regret it.

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  1. […] I am happy to say that this morning, he advised his readers to follow this blog. That means I passed his test. That’s harder than the SAT or the ACT or […]


  2. Thanks GF. I’d also like to invite you to follow my blog: covering the “lighter side” of this mess.


  3. And thanks to Diane’s recommendation of you, I will follow your blog. There is a lot to be done.


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