Some Legacy. Some Editorial.

The Washington Post has essentially reprinted a press release from Kaya Henderson and published it as an editorial. A reader asked me how I respond to it.

First, I would point people to the responses of John Merrow and other Frontline correspondents and editors, which you can read here or here and here.

I would also add this:

That editorial is despicable in its pretense of honesty and objectivity. The DC Inspector General and Henderson and Rhee and the WaPo editorial board and WaPo owners (a large educational profiteer, Kaplan) are determined not to see any cheating.

Therefore they refuse to have any serious statistical analysis of the erased scores. They refuse to do any investigation of SY 2007-8 scores, which were the most suspicious of all. They interview one person every 10 days, putting nobody under oath. They refuse to answer questions. They promote and praise one of the most egregious offenders, Wayne Ryan; but shortly after the USAToday reports are printed, Ryan suddenly disappears from sight.
I myself have many times demonstrated on this blog the fact that DC scores on the NAEP have shown no real change in patterns since the 1990s (the math scores continue a steady rise, but reading scores have been flat for a long time. Not sure why.) — LONG before Michelle Rhee came to rule DCPS.
There was no miracle jump in those NAEP scores when Michelle Rhee was anointed our chancellor. There was, however, a marked increase in the width of the gap between scores of affluent kids and poor ones; and between white kids and black kids. What we have in DC is by far, the worst such gap of any US state or of any city for which we have data.
Some legacy.
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  1. It is very interesting that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and USA Today, also newspapers, take such a different position with regard to investigating such allegations. By comparison, the Post looks pretty pathetic.


  2. I don’t understand why the WaPo continues to carry water for Rhee, et al. Is the WaPo’s editorial board afraid or unwilling to admit that Rhee and now Henderson have made mistakes? Furthermore, are the children in the DCPS actually getting a better education? Isn’t that more important than protecting their pet educational “reformers”?


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