A coincidence that one of those space rocks was tracked, and one was missed?

There are obviously only two possibilities:

(1) either Nasa and all the other astronomers, amateur and professional, “got” one of the “incomings” and missed the other one*


(2) The Great God Toutatis is messing with our heads and bodies, and trying to send us all a message.

As well he should!

Only it’s in such a cryptic form of delivery that nobody agrees on quite what Toutatis is really trying to say.

We owe it to those who are learned in the interpretation of tortoise-shell cracks to tell us what explanation they find when they put it just the right tortoise shell into just the right fire on just the right day, because they are the only true and faithful interpreters of what He Who Must Be Obeyed is saying.

(Personally, my guess is that Toutatis is pissed because he no longer is allowed to get any of those offerings of burnt cows’ flesh that he sees and smells being prepared at any of our backyard barbecues! We apparently, instead, worship some other deities that are portrayed inside our houses, and we take the feasts of burnt organ and muscle meat back inside while we watch our new gods on those moving, shining gleaming glass boxes we have there… So he’s kinda hungry. Somebody will come up with some other supposed religious reason, but don’t you believe them! Heed Toutatis!)

{ ; + q }}   – or toungue firmly in cheek, because nobody can tell facial impressions by teletype

Guy Brandenburg, Washington, DC 

* In wartime, a lot of people get killed by ‘incomings’ that get missed. So it’s not always Toutatis’ fault. Sometimes it’s Loki. And he’s pretty pissed, too. Just sayin’.

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  1. There’s always Apophis waiting in the wings !


    • By Toutatis, i swear that Apophis is an impotent god.


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