Utter, Stunning Failure by Rhee, Kamras, Henderson et al:

Mr. Teachbad” did such a great job analyzing the utter failure of these contemptible liars that I hope he won’t mind that I re-post it in full:


16 MAR 2013       by 

Well, shit…THAT didn’t work. Now what?

This is stunning.

You remem­ber Michelle Rhee, right? She came to turn the DC pub­lic school sys­tem around. In 2007 she grabbed this city by the throat and shook it into sub­mis­sion.  Teach­ers were fired by the hun­dreds and prin­ci­pals by the dozens. Thou­sands have left the sys­tem because they did not want to work under the con­di­tions Rhee and Jason Kam­ras, her chief teacher tech­ni­cian, were imposing.

That was fine with her. Screw ‘em.  She would find new peo­ple who were will­ing to work hard and believed in chil­dren. Mil­lions upon mil­lions of new dol­lars were found and spent on telling teach­ers how to teach, reward­ing the lap­dogs and fer­ret­ing out the infidels.

Big change never comes easy. You can’t make an omelet with­out break­ing some eggs, etc. But if the right peo­ple have the resources and the courage to make and fol­low through with the tough deci­sions, great things can happen.

After five years, how is DCPS doing? A DC Fis­cal Pol­icy Insti­tute study released ear­lier this week has eval­u­ated the work of Rhee and her suc­ces­sor, Kaya “sucks-to-be-me” Hen­der­son. A write up of the study by Emma Brown can also be found at the Wash­ing­ton Post.

The prin­ci­pal find­ing of the study was that the “share of stu­dents scor­ing at a pro­fi­cient level at the typ­i­cal school fell slightly between 2008 and 2012.”

Whatch­utalk­in­boutwillis? Seri­ously? Read that again. Oh…my…God.

But hold on. That can’t really say every­thing. And what the hell is a “typ­i­cal school”? Let’s dis­ag­gre­gate the data.

Fair enough. The first thing to notice is that pub­lic char­ter schools are doing bet­ter than DCPS schools; not by a huge amount, but it is notice­able and across the board. So there’s that.

More impor­tantly, inter­est­ing pat­terns are revealed when look­ing at schools across these five years by income quin­tiles. Then, as now, the best per­form­ing schools are in the wealth­i­est parts of town and the worst per­form­ing schools are in the poor­est parts of town. That almost goes with­out say­ing. But have schools in the poor­est parts of the city begun to catch up? After all, that’s what this is sup­posed to be all about; clos­ing the achieve­ment gap. How’s that going?

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just come out with it:

      Pro­fi­ciency rates have increased in the four wards with the high­est incomes. Pro­fi­ciency rates have fallen in the four wards with the low­est incomes.   

So, Michelle, Kaya and Jason…it appears you have man­aged to INCREASE the size of the Achieve­ment Gap in Wash­ing­ton, DC. And, Michelle, you are now try­ing to export your great ideas to the entire coun­try? If the three of you don’t feel stu­pid by now, you’re even dumber than I thought. You should all resign. Immediately.

But maybe there’s hope. There is a new plan. Not just any plan, but a strate­gic plan. The study notes that DCPS’s newCap­tial Com­mit­ment plan (yawn) sets the “ambi­tious goal of increas­ing pro­fi­ciency rates at the 40 low­est per­form­ing schools by 40 per­cent­age points by 2017….Given the DC CAS score trends over the past four years, it would appear that DCPS needs to under­take sub­stan­tial changes to the way it oper­ates to make this goal a reality.”

Wait. Didn’t we just do that?

——— Mr. Teach­bad


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  1. it’s obvious Rhee was just rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Please end testing altogether; it’s also obvious it’s a scam.


  2. In deed! The “Strategic Plan” is a list of the SAME problems in DCPS that existed when R&Co. arrived in 2007 and still exist now in 2013. I found it most interesting for what it leaves out–the current satisfaction level and the current enrollment level. Were those too embarrassing to print?
    But most of all, a mere eight months after announcing its PURPOSE: “to ensure that every DCPS school provides a world-class education to ALL students…”(their emphasis), they renege and, oops–no can do without closing 15 or 20 schools. Strange definition of ‘every’ not mention the meaning of the word ‘committment’! It’s like the DPW promising better snow plowing at budget time then turning around and announcing that it can only be delivered in certain, but not all, neighborhoods– if you want your snow removed in those neighborhoods, you’ll have to carry it over to the neighborhood where the plowing is. Utterly absurd! And it would be kinda funny except it’s HURTING Children and that has to stop!


  3. And now we have the Prince George’s County executive wanting to take control of the school system.


  4. Many years ago, I had the unfortunate experience of working with Kaya Henderson. As I posted elsewhere, she was an opportunist with little to offer our students. To be honest, she sucked as a classroom teacher. A political hack never changes. They just get more arrogant, and in Kaya’s case, obese, as they age.


    • Very interesting. Where did you work with her, and where did you post those comments?


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