Citations for last article, on history of educational insanity

See LAST CALL on the insane ‘perfect storm’ of misguided movements to ban alcoholic beverages, which was victorious in 1919 and quietly repealed in 1932.

See WAR AGAINST THE WEAK on the eugenics movement, and its connection to wealthy racist ‘philanthropists’; there are any number of examples where the foolish, racist rantings of Henry Ford would get translated into German and reprinted in the Nazi party propaganda rags, nearly verbatim, justifying Hitler’s vile thoughts and speeches.

Read Lerone Bennett and Ashley Montagu and Steven Jay Gould on the insanity that wedded early, racist, mathematicalistic testing advocates to those same benighted policies.

I’m not making this stuff up.

But it reminds me more than a little of the connections between ALEC, the Koch and Walton families, and how they have bought off, or already own, almost all of the media in the US, from the right-wing mouth-frothers at Faux News all the way to PBS and WaPo, and of course StudentsFirst and the rest of that bunch of astro-turf organizations fighting against pensions, labor rights, and who have in fact been making things worse in all of the cities where there agenda has come to power.

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  1. the part beginning with Alexander Inglis is worth a read.


    • That is interesting indeed. We now know that the story that there were not enough STEM grads is just a myth; in fact, most STEM grads have a very hard time finding employment in any science, technology, engineering, or mathematical field of work whatsoever. The quote “*A program is necessary to lower the job expectations of those who receive a college education.*” is quite telling.


      • If you are interested in the history, check out Bronson Alcott. His experience as a schoolteacher resonates a bit with what is happening today.


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