More from FairTest on Resistance to the Corporate Educational Deformation movement

This is from Bob Schaeffer:

The ever-growing movement of parents, students, teachers and researchers resisting high-stakes testing is finally being heard by some politicians: the week after Gov. Rick Perry signed legislation rolling back testing in Texas, New York City mayoral candidates agree that there are too many ‘standardized exams, and even U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has agreed to postpone some of the Obama Administration’s most damaging high-stakes testing mandates.

Of course, there’s much more to be done . . . and won.  Keep escalating the pressure!

More Virginia Families Boycott Standards of Learning Tests

New Jersey Parents Promote Test Overhaul Through Petition and Opt Outs

NYC Mayoral Candidates Want to Limit Standardized Exams

Chicago Parents Students Say Charter Schools Used Selective Expulsions to Boost Test Score Averages

Tide Turns Against Test-Driven “Reforms” in Indiana

Errors Bedevil Testing Companies

Perry Extends Texas Testing Rollback
Texas Governor Vetoes Bill Cutting Interim Tests and Requiring Validity Study After Signing Limits on End-of-Course Exams
Number of Texas Tests Still Too High

Great Teachers Are Another Casualty of Excessive Testing
Encourage Your Colleagues, Family and Friends to Sign the National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing

Duncan Will Support One-Year Delay for States to Evaluate Teachers by Student Test Scores

What Do Standardized Tests Really Tell Us?

Test Score Deception Boosts Ed “Reform” — Lessons From Massachusetts

Ed “Reform” Leaders’ Assumptions Falling Apart

Interview with Author of “No Child Held Back”

Teachers Letters to Bill Gates About the Failure of Corporate-Driven School Policies

Bob Schaeffer, Public Education Director
FairTest: National Center for Fair & Open Testing
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  1. “The corporate school reform movement is a subset of the Corporate state.” T/ F?

    This may be of interest:

    Big data at the little school house | Corrente


    • It would appear, based on the essay cited below, that the answer to the above is: T.

      It’s the Corporate State, Stupid
      By David G. Mills


      Other notable chatacteristics… which are directly produced by corporatism are:

      < The suppression of organized labor (organized labor is the bane of corporations and the only real check on corporate power other than government or the legal system);

      < Supremacy of the military (it is necessary to produce and protect corporate profits abroad and threats from abroad);

      < Cronyism and governmental corruption (it is very beneficial to have ex-corporate employees run the agencies or make the laws that are supposed to regulate or check corporations);


  2. […] Click here to read the entire post via More from FairTest on Resistance to the Corporate Educational Deformation movement | GFBrandenburg&#…. […]


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