Remember Michelle Rhee? Here’s What Rachel Levy Wrote back then…

Read what Rachel Levy wrote several years ago taking apart the usual defense of Michelle Rhee as chancellor of DC public schools. Rhee is as always a defender of the current test-and-fire education policies that we have put in place nationwide, and even of data-manipulator Tony Bennett who just resigned in disgrace.

RL is a a teacher and DC native.

If Levy or anyone else were to write this article today, we would have even more ammunition about what was wrong, despite what anyone might say about this year’s DC-CAS

Here is one quote I would like to draw attention to, concerning Michelle Rhee’s first few weeks on the job:

Rhee arrived in Washington D.C. in c. in 2007 with extraordinary power to do what she wanted. In fact, she only had her boss, Fenty, to answer to, and he never challenged her.

Shortly after she started as chancellor, she met with the professionals and community leaders who had a long history of working to improve D.C. schools and promptly decided she didn’t have anything to learn from them. The die was cast.


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  1. As one of the leaders of a grassroots organization that agitated for and achieved funding for after school programs in DC, ran programs and organized with parents and teachers, I can attest that Michelle Rhee was completely arrogant in dismissing everyone who had been working for years to improve DC schools. She refused to work with anyone she had not brought in with her. She would not listen to those who did know about the District and its neighborhoods.

    John More Washington, DC


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