Even Right-Wing Michelle Malkin Hates Some of the Educational DEformers

It’s a bad sign for the billionaire-led educational DEformers when even right-wing shills like Michelle Malkin hate them. But that’s what is happening right now.

Malkin’s attack on Jeb Bush, Tony Bennett, and the Common Core sounds like something almost any teacher would agree with. Of course, her reasons are often wrong. But here’s a taste of what she wrote:

The resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett couldn’t have come at a better time. His disgraceful grade-fixing scandal is the perfect symbol of all that’s wrong with the federal education schemes peddled by Bennett and his mentor, former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush: phony academic standards, crony contracts, big-government and big-business collusion masquerading as “reform.”

Emails showed that Bennett was far more concerned about how a low grade would look than about maintaining the integrity of the grading system. Evaluators “need to understand that anything less than an ‘A’ for Christel House compromises all of our accountability work,” Bennett complained. “This will be a HUGE problem for us,” he worried in another message obtained by the AP.

Cronyism and corruption come in all political stripes and colors. As a conservative parent of public charter school-educated children, I am especially appalled by these pocket-lining GOP elites who are giving grassroots education reformers a bad name and cashing in on their betrayal of limited-government principles.

It turns out that Bennett’s wife was hired by an outfit called “Charter Schools USA” to serve as a regional director in Florida. The group just happens to be the same one Bennett contracted with to operate schools in Indianapolis that the state had taken over. The Indianapolis Star reported: “Tina Bennett is now earning a paycheck from the company her husband handpicked to take over schools in Indiana, a decision that was very good for the company’s financial fortunes.” Like the Church Lady said: How conveeeenient!

Excellent charter schools across the country have a hard time as it is battling hostile public employee unions and far-left detractors. This dirty government scandal makes the fight for local and parental choice in education all the more difficult. Education analyst Jim Stergios at the Pioneer Institute sums up the damage caused: It’s “bad for accountability, for the public trust and for education reform.”

(my emphasis)

Click here to read the rest of her article.

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  1. words fail me …


  2. Really wish you would dig into the new DC-CAS scores. More traditional schools went down in one or both categories than went up in both. And the numbers, school by school, appear crazy. Any score that went up by 20%+ was due to cheating. Any score that went down by 20%+ was due to cheating last year. And what do you get for being a “reward” school, because they’re overwhelmingly the affluent schools.


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