Random thoughts from a New York superintendent of schools

this is from the blog of Jere Hochman

Random Thoughts on Ed Reform

1. The word “education” does not appear in the Constitution but education is all about the Constitution
2. Don’t blame high expectations and standards for high-stakes and excessive testing
3. High-stakes test scores and ranking teachers are a politician’s low-hanging fruit
4. Charter and voucher advocates convince themselves they are addressing civil rights
5. Follow the money, literally
6. Campaign managers love test scores, anything that can be counted and saying words like “STEM” and “accountability”
7. School funding formulae (and some people’s opinions about education) developed before Brown v. Board of Education, Title IX, PL 94-142 / IDEA, and Plyler v. Doe should be abolished and rewritten
8. The war on poverty was so 20th century (except for a decade that will remain nameless)
9. Not one State or federal reform plan has taken serious, substantive, comprehensive, sustainable action on Readiness for Kindergarten
10. “Why did TFA let its mission become a business model?” (or there was a reason the Peace Corps did not pretend to be Doctors Without Borders)
11. Those in ivory towers, State houses, and on the Beltway (even when they get it right) just don’t get implementation (I know, I know. Some would add “district offices” to that list).
12. Some privatizers are afraid kids may learn to think and shape their own opinions so they wait for “gotcha” moments, malign teachers and public schools, and never let go
13. Those envious of China do not understand (or accept) why China is envious of American education
14. How ironic that some educators are stuck in the 20th century factory thinking while reformers and critics ignore 20th century inclusion and access
15. There’s nothing wrong with 6th Century B.C.E. skills (eg. Socratic Seminar)
16. Reform as it is being played out is the real “soft bigotry of low expectations”

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  1. Wonderful!! 🙂 just wonderful, thanks so much Sarah


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