Chile: what market privatized education looks like

If you want to see where the American educational system is heading, look at Chile.

The system there was set up by Milton Friedman under the military dictatorship 1973-1990 and continues today.

When you look at the Chilean system, it’s scary — if you believe that government is supposed to help the majority of the people (as opposed to the wealthy few).

Diane Ravitch is running a 3-part series by Professor Mario Wassbluth about Chile. It’s chilling reading.

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    So you made a living off of money that was stolen and illegitimately borrowed, in an institution that forced children to attend no matter how dangerous or valueless it was for them, then you retire now leaving you with more stolen money for not even doing anything. Then you denounce teachers who dare to make honest money, and you cite Diane Ravitch as though she were an objective source on the matter.

    I literally cannot stop laughing.


    • 1. I bet you have in fact stopped laughing.
      2. What are you talking about?


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