Just received: “Reign of Error” by Diane Ravitch!!

Just received my copy of Diane Ravitch’s book!! Doesn’t officially get published until 9-17-13, i think she wrote on her blog.

Let me say that DR does an extremely good job of keeping up with the educational nonsense being peddled by some of her old friends and associates in today’s bipartisan, fully billionaire-led AstroTurf movement to destroy and resegregate our public school while profiting mightily.

I highly recommend subscribing to her blog. She is amazingly productive. I do not think she has much time in her life for anything except blogging. I blog and write a fair amount, but I cannot put out a single post each day–it takes time, and I am very appreciative of her writings. She puts out up to ten posts a day!! Wow!!

When I started writing my DC-based blog back in mid-2009, after I retired, and began researching more of the plain facts here on the ground in Washington under michelle Rhee’s initial “Reign of Error”, it was pretty lonely.

I was nonetheless able to find the original records showing that a very large fraction of the very detailed statements on Michelle Rhee’s official public résumé were 100% fictitious.

I was able to show that Rhee’s policies in many, many areas while she waschancellor here in my hometown have produced exactly NONE of the miraculous gains that she predicted. And while she at one point boasted very confidently of her ability to pick winning principals in a 5-minute I yet view, she later admitted that this was in fact one of the worst aspects of her legacy. And the Harvard whiz kid measuring the effects of her attempt to purchase good behavior fr middle schools produced results no different from not doing so; and when the same academic (Roland Frye) studied Rhee’s vaunted merit pay in other cities, he found it made no difference either.

I was able to show that there was almost no effect on test scores (almost the ONLY way to test educational outcomes in her eyes) from switching out principals and teachers.

Now I find I can relax a bit. There are literally hundreds of bloggers and columnists making much of the same points I was making. I don’t feel so lonely any more.

Thank you, Diane and all of the other bloggers!!

Unlike some, I will read at least most of her latest book before writing a review. I predict I will like it.

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  1. It seems only fitting that a man who almost single-handedly started a revolution in DC by telling the truth about Michelle Rhee & Co. take a breather and enjoy communing with the mind of such as Diane Ravitch. I look forward to your review of her book and to her visit to DC in September at Politics and Prose where I plan to buy my copy. Thanks gf! Sarah


    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m about 60 pages in and she’s doing a great job explaining, among other things, that according to the NAEP, American students are in fact doing better than ever– contrary to what the power elite keep repeating.

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  2. I’m looking forward to her book as well.
    And great job with the balloon popping over the years.


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