Error on my part

I goofed in saying you had to pay to get into Michelle Rhee’s recent “conversation” series of scripted talks. I had the wrong date, which is fairly inexcusable. However, from reports I’ve read, the questions were in fact pre-screened by a moderator, and Rhee’s buddies on the panel did get to do almost all the talking. I hope that those who attended the event in Philadelphia did manage to press her hard. As we know from many sources, Rhee not only failed to produce any of the promised miracles in Washington, DC during her tenure there, but also virtually every boast on her resume was a fabrication. It’s unforgivable that such a serial teller of falsehoods is still given a national stage to spout her propaganda.


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  1. G.F.
    Thanks for all you work on standing for what is just in education. I had read on Mercedes Schneider’s edublog (deutsch 29) a summary on Michelle Rhee as a “sociopath.” A comment left by “Jack,” said: —she and her Baltimore teaching stint were featured in admiring profiles on TV’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA and THE HOME SHOW, as well as in print in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and THE HARTFORD COURANT; (subsequent work by G.F. Brandenburg showed these to be total fabrications). I was looking for that blog post, but can’t seem to find it. I found your graphs on her “miraculous testing claims” most helpful. I am working on a post which compares myself in my first three years of teaching in DC at the same time she was working her “miracles” 45 miles to the north. I most certainly need the reference of the press she claimed and would like to link to your debunking of those claims. Please help me out.


    • I’ll send my reply to your email also.
      My blog has a ‘search’ function in the URH corner. Typing in “hartford courant” brought me to several posts that detail exactly what you are looking for.
      Good luck!


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