My thoughts on what to do

Here’s what I wrote and turned at the Reclaim Public Education meeting:

Question A was “What issues do we face with each principle?” (There were 7 of them)
Principle 1 was. “Public schools are public institutions.” My response:
They are being turned over to private corporations with no public or private accountability. Solution: stop turning public schools over to charter schools; have PTAs required at charter schools and teacher unions as well. When charters fail, the school should revert to DCPS!

2nd principle: our voices matter.
I wrote: our voices are being systematically ignored or misrepresented by corporate media & politicians.
My solution: we need to organize!!

4th principle: Assessments should be used to improve instruction.
My response: assessments are NOT being used to improve instruction but rather to cripple instruction. I could go on at length on this.
We should get rid of the current testing regime teachers should make up their own tests & quizzes, including End-of-course exams, and students need to EARN grades. There is no formula developed so far or likely to be developed in the future that can be used with tests of any sort to determine a priori the effectiveness of teachers.

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  1. Amen!


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