Part III of No More –The Best Thing I Ever Did as a Teacher

A real teacher’s accomplishments in DC while Michelle Rhee was apparently failing and then making stuff up in Baltimore

                                                                                                                     By Kelly Dwyer

Total Class

                      Data, data, data…NOT

From perusing this new found world of kindred spirits and fellow anti-corporate educational reform bloggers and readers, I discovered the notorious, Michelle Rhee, was a rookie contemporary of mine.  Those few and only years of teaching she did in Baltimore achieving miraculous, albeit fictitious test score gains, places her second year at the same time as my first year of teaching in DC public schools.

In part two I reflected on my first year teaching in…

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  1. I joined your blog recently, and I am extremely impressed by your research, logic and articulate commentary.
    I taught in Canada for 40 years, and there has been less pressure here by the libertarian, privatization, voucher crowd – but it is present.

    One strategy that has helped in Ontario, (and probably other provinces) is to fund education at the provincial level. It used to be that in Ontario, the funding was primarily from the local school board. That made compounded socio-economic factors, because the local boards had less revenue from property taxes.

    Is this an issue in the United States?


    • Yes that is a huge factor here in the US. Different school districts and their local school boards fund their school systems mostly by local sales or property taxes. And since housing is so segregated here, naturally low-income areas cannot afford decent schools. States are supposed to fill in those funding gaps, but they seldom do.


  2. I am extremely impressed by the work of Diane Ravitch, to my knowledge she has not put a focus on this “huge factor” as you describe it.


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