Teachers have no way to challenge or even re-calculate VAM and IMPACT scores in DC

I swear I am not making this up.

You may remember that I said that value-added teacher evaluation schemes are so complex that they are designed to intimidate the public?

It’s official: even if you know a lot of math and are good at databases, you are not even permitted to recalculate your scores.

Keep in mind that we teach kids in high school in this country how to calculate linear regressions!

Here is the quote from page 10 of the 2013-2014 teacher-evaluation-scheme handbook from DCPS

“Can a teacher do these calculations on her or his own?

“Unfortunately, no. Calculating a likely score involves a complex statistical process known as regression analysis. In addition, developing these scores requires one to have data about how all students performed on the DC CAS. Similarly, calculating an actual score involves additional information, such as how much time each student spent in a particular class. Including all of these data points[*] helps us more accurately describe a teacher’s impact on student achievement.”


* I think they left out the words: “and hiding them from you”

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  1. Such irony, Guy.
    Today Emma Brown put up an article detailing how Jason is modifying the principal evaluation.
    From the article:
    ““I appreciate being able to calculate and understand my score more easily based on these changes,” said Cynthia Robinson, assistant principal at Seaton Elementary in Northwest. “DCPS leadership was very responsive to the concerns school leaders voiced about their evaluations.””


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