Which of these writers is joking, and which one is dead serious?

Can you tell which of these two writers is dead serious, and which one is just kidding-in-earnest?

Writer B: (or ‘blue’)

“The model that we established for evaluation with the inclusion of teacher observations of student learning indicators to making sure that we are looking at student outcomes and other features — that was arrived at by consensus through our Performance Evaluation Advisory Council.”

 “We received a waiver to enable us to administer the Smarter Balance Assessment this year on an optional basis, and a lot of other conclusions get drawn from that including the fact that we needed to decouple data, state data, from the evaluation system.”

Writer G: (or ‘green’)

I remember the moment when, as a boy, I fell in love with learning….My fourth-grade teacher, Miss Vick, sat down with me in the late afternoon and gently pried from my hands Hardy Boys book No. 42, “The Secret of the Mummy’s Strategically Dynamic New Paradigms.”

“Colin,” she said. “I know you’re a good boy with a bright mind. But your EAPE scores don’t point to project-based learning across the curriculum. You need to scaffold texts to other texts, and to that end I’m going to start interfacing with your developmental space.”

“Miss Vick,” I stammered, “can you disintermediate that for me in a way that unpacks the convergence in assessment-driven terms?”

If you think they are both serious,  click here.

If you think they are both joking, click here.

If you think Blue is joking,  click here.

If you think Green is joking,  click here.

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  1. Come on. Give us a harder one


  2. We need to consider the student’s metacognitive state in this pivotal time of his life. 🙂


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