Bloated Administrative Staffing and Salaries in DCPS?

Here is a little table I compiled of the total annual salaries listed for the major central offices in the District of Columbia Public School system:

administrative salaries

OCFO probably means “Office of Chief Financial Officer”. Quite a few of the people in the ‘Chief of Schools’ list appear to be coaches and athletic trainers, who are probably not sitting at desks at 1200 First Street NE. Many special education staff are assigned to specific schools, where they work with students. However, it appears that many of the other employees are, in fact, bureaucrats.

I have no longitudinal data indicating how these mostly-central-office salaries and staffing levels compare with what things were like before mayoral control, but  quite a few observers have complained of vast bloat downtown. These figures do make it seem as if District of Columbia Public Schools are rather top-heavy with administrators. All that data collection and micromanagement of every action by every teacher is very expensive.

The original spreadsheet, which was leaked to me, has the catchy name “Q12 Attachment_PeopleSoft Report FY 2013_Position Listing.xlsx”, and you can view the entire thing here.

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  1. Jeez. A billion here. A billion there. Reminds me of a Republican with integrity, Senator Everett Dirksen. Before millions became billions. Thanks for this post. bob Sent from my iPad


  2. In Chicago, even with a leaked document, such a comparison would not be possible without the services of a forensic accountant. Job titles, categories, everything that can be changed from year to year does change such that even an apples to oranges comparison is a pipe dream. Inspire of this it’s rather obvious that the same bureaucratic bloat is rampant. It must be pointed out that this does not include the multiple duplicate bureaucracies of all the charter management companies. It would be interesting to do a back of the envelope calculation that totals the nationwide expenditures on the CMO’s and divides it up by the number of schools the control to get a ballpark figure on how much of a financial burden that is on public education city by city.


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