Highly Qualified Teachers?

A great quote from Curmudgucation:

… TFA bodies are eligible to be foot soldiers in this battle to put effective teachers into the classroom. Now, despite their glowing PR, there’s no reason to believe that TFA bodies can magically erase the effects of poverty, but by the time test data has been gathered up to indicate their ineffectiveness, they will have moved on anyway. An endless revolving door churn through a black hole of teacher ineffectiveness perfectly suits the TFA model.

You might imagine that two years as an “ineffective” teacher might be a black mark on the record of a blossoming young Master of the Universe, but take heart– Michelle Rhee was ineffective as a classroom teacher and disastrous as a school leader, but that has not slowed her rise to lucrative fame as an education thought leader and celebrity spokesmodel one bit. You only have to be able to say you were in a classroom; it doesn’t matter to your career if you were great or terrible.

Read the rest of this column here.

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  1.  Mr. Brandenburg:

    Thank you for the last two years of bringing sanity to my web page. I don’t believe you and I have ever been on different pages regarding education with, perhaps, your omission of any strong condemnation of the issuance of waivers in exchange adopting CCSS, being the only exception. Below is an excerpt I sent to the AFT-WV pointing out the disservice this exchange constituted. Am I overstating the case? I haven’t seen any hard condemnation  in the media  of this waiver exchange.

      “Core Standards represent one of the grossest examples I can think of to demonstrate the contempt the Department of Education has for the children we should be teaching. The fact that this contempt is inadvertence makes it no less insidious given the great harm it inflicts on students from every grade. One need only to look at the genesis of Core Standards to realize that I am not overstating the case.   The only redeeming feature of No Child Left Behind was the promise to students that if the schools failed them they would be given a chance to succeed in another setting. Most of us knew that cost alone would preclude any hope of finding this other setting and the fact that the administration that failed the kids in the first place would be the arbiters of finding a school that could do what they were unable to accomplish. But all of the teachers that I know knew this ten years ago. So with callous disregard for the dilemma of NCLB Arne Duncan, et al, proffers his Core Standards to states which would be more than willing to get out from under the enormity of what NCLB was imposing upon them. Duncan made the choice easier by giving them waivers worth millions to sign on for Common Core Standards. Unfortunately, the scheme worked as Governors, Congressmen, Unions, and others stood by silent as the grave as our kids were once more led to educational slaughter house”.   Walter McMann


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