Mercedes Schneider Takes Down Sol Stern, A Defender of Common Core

I don’t know how Deutch29 (Mercedes Schneider) does it.

She regularly writes well-written, well-researched, trenchant commentaries on topics dear to me, much better than I have ever been able to do.

This time, she figuratively eviscerates one Sol Stern, who defends the Common Core curriculum. It’s a long post, but like her other ones, it’s worth it.


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  1. After reading Mercedes’ article, I still see a well-written, well-thought piece without a single offensive word. Eviscerating? Why not? In this “hedge fund-invaded” field of public education, truth needs to be told; strong words should be used when needed. Softening, polite words do not get the message across.
    Well done, Mercedes, well done!


  2. She’s brilliant, and (dare I say) she has GRIT


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