Judge Treu’s Folly

The whole idea of making a monetary calculation of the impact of a teacher — only as measured by some arcane and complicated formula involving predicted and actual test scores (VAM) — is ludicrous as soon as you look at the details. Those VAM scores fail the most basic test: they are utterly unreliable. It’s not clear what they measure, but I think it’s like random , Brownian motion unless someone has their fingers on the scale — and we know that here in DC, Atlanta, and a bunch of other cities, none of the clearly fraudulent bonus awards were ever clawed back. Honest teachers are put at risk of losing their jobs by cheaters. Adults. And they are using this to claim that pretty much any job protection for teachers is unconstitutional? And the main reason that poor and brown or black kids in CA get crappy educations?

Give me and the public a break.

And let’s look at those lifetime earnings — an alleged $1,250.00 difference in LIFETIME earnings. Hmm. If you work part or full time for 40 years, that’s a princely sum of about $313 more dollars per year, or a bit more than SIX DOLLARS PER WEEK. Less than 1 hour of work at the currently- much-too-low minimum wage.

Are they serious? That’s nothing! They claim they can measure that kind of difference !?!? That won’t pay for a single drink at a restaurant or bar where these economists get wined and fined and applauded by the billionaires intent on ignoring the fact that it’s precisely their greed in cornering so much of the economy that is causing such misery and self-destructive behavior in most of our ghettos: people see the opulent lifestyle of the rich on TV but they live in crapoy conditions, constantly overworked or underworked and just a few steps before going bankrupt, losing their car, being deported, being locked up, losing their house or apartment…

Anybody who pretends that having Teacher C as opposed to Teacher M for kindergarten will make a kid earn SUX MORE DOLLARS A WEEK needs to have their head examined . That’s a joke.

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