Why should I support the Democratic Party…?

I keep getting emails and letters urging me to support President Obama and the Democratic Party.

However, Obama’s hand-picked Secretary of Education, along with a strange coalition of billionaires and hedge-fund managers and politicians and charlatans of both major parties, are doing everything they can to attack public education as we know it. Their attacks are aimed at veteran teachers like myself and are also aimed at increasing corporate profits, destroying what’s left of the US labor movement, re-segregating our schools, and condemning our poorest and darkest-skinned students to an utterly inferior education worthy only for slaves.

Everything that comes out of the mouth of people like Democrat Arne Duncan or Democrat Michelle Rhee means the opposite of what it sounds like. For example, when they say that poor kids deserve excellent teachers, they really mean that they plan to get rid of trained, veteran teachers that have their own ideas, and replace them with utterly untrained, temporary workers straight out of college who try to follow idiotic corporate scripts and drop out at an alarming rate.

They claim that for-profit charter school chains get great results, but I and many others have shown that’s not true.

Not to mention all the foreign wars, illegal eavesdropping, continuing the drug wars against the black community, etc etc.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I know the adage “the enemy of my enemy” (that would be the Rand Pauls, Sara Palins, and Ted Cruzes of the GOP) “is my friend”. But what if they are still my enemy?

In any case, I haven’t given a penny to them, but I did donate a couple hundred dollars to Ras Baraka of Newark.

What do my readers think?

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  1. I agree completely with your take on Duncan and I am shocked to learn that Rhee is a Democrat. (Note that Rhee has written how she “broke with the Democrats”.) I also never could stand Sebelius. We have an equally bad NY Education Commissioner John King, appointed by Democratic Governor Cuomo.

    Does that make me a Republican? Hell no. Of course I support people like Warren and Sanders, who are too hot for the Democratic party to handle, but I could never support a party whose presidential candidates reject evolution, to say nothing of global warming and who think of the poor in terms of welfare cheats.

    This is another case of the perfect serving as the enemy of the good. We must work hard to improve the Democratic party and to get rid of the bad apples, but we should not fly to a party that supports exactly the policies that we reject in those poor appointments.

    We are, of course, uncomfortable with the compromises of politics (who wouldn’t want single-payer health insurance) but we have seen recently the results of failing to vote or voting for a minority party: the terrible consequences of the Bush wars.


  2. I have been warning parents that they have lost their support from Dems. Both parties have for several years now supported destruction of all public schools! Sad that this message has taken this long before parents are finally waking up. Please keep up the great work.


  3. I totally agree. I just wish all of the pleas for money include a comment section as to why one is NOT giving any money. I tried to get off all the Democratic sites for this very reason, but I continue to get their desperate pleas for money. I can almost understand why Republicans are so frustrated with Obama, as he just isn’t listening. I even added my concerns to his recent birthday card memo. Deaf ears.
    Thanks for speaking my mind.


  4. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, and voted for Obama in the last election. However, as a Connecticut resident I won’t be voting for Gov. Malloy this time around, and regret voting for Obama because of the Arne issue. CT voters have Jon Pelto as an alternative to Dan, and we teachers are praying he gets the signatures to run against him.


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