More on Michelle Rhee’s promises concerning DCPS

Part Two of Many

I continue with a further look at one of the promises that Michelle Rhee and her acolytes and funders made, namely,

NAEP TUDA DCPS michelle rhee goal

To repeat: DCPS’ goal is to be in the top half of districts by the 2012-13 NAEP-TUDA administration.

Let’s look now at 8th grade math scores for 2013:

dcps vs all naep tuda math 8th grade 2013


No, not even close. DCPS is firmly in the middle of the bottom half of all NAEP TUDA school districts for 8th grade math in 2013.

So, Rhee and company are now ZERO for TWO.

What do you think the final score will be, when we go through the entire list?

And do you think anybody was held accountable since, so far, they missed both of these goals?


The saga so far:

  2. (this one)


I should credit my colleague Erich Martel for coming up with the idea of going back to the original 2010 promises and seeing if they were kept or not. Erich shared his findings with me. These calculations are generally my own, so if you find any mistakes, don’t blame him. Blame me.

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