Another Day, Another Bunch of Failures from Rhee & Henderson

Part Nine of Many

Today, we look to see if the past and present Chancellors of DC Public Schools actually met any of the promises that they made to four billionaires’ foundations in regards to reducing the ‘achievement gaps’ on the 2010 DC-CAS (the local NCLB standardized test).

The short answer is, NO. Not a single target was met out of the twelve additional ones today. Not a single, solitary goal.

So their record is, one-and-a-half goals out of 38, which in percentages is 3.9%.

Not thirty-nine percent.

Instead, a bit under FOUR PERCENT.

goals met so far one and a half out of 38

Here is a more detailed table, for the 2011 reading score gaps:

reading ach gaps 2010 dc-cas promises and failures

I will try to explain, starting at the first line of results:

Rhee promised that on the 2010 DC-CAS, in reading, the difference in proficiency rates between black and white students would only be 41.7%. In actuality it was about ten percentage points higher, at 51.4%.

At the secondary level, she promised that the reading gap would be 48.2%, but it was really 49.5%. Yes, that is pretty close, but I’m not giving her that one — no cigar, as they say at the carnival fairgrounds.

On the next line, she promised that the White-Hispanic gap in proficiency rates would be 35.1%, but it was really 47.1% — not very close at all. At the secondary level, she said that she would (magically) achieve a 36.8% gap, but it was really 43.9%.

On the last line, the gap in proficiency rates between poor students and non-poor students (as measured by data on free or reduced-price lunch applications) would be 24.7% at the elementary level and 21.8% at the secondary level. In fact, those gaps were, respectively, 32.7% and 24.5%.

Recall that a lower gap is a good thing. Higher gaps are  bad things.

Now look at the gap table for math on the DC-CAS for 2011:

math ach gaps 2010 dc-cas promises and failures

As you can see, every single number in the pink column (reality) is larger than the number in the white column just to the left of it, which means that in every single instance, her promises were unfulfilled.

Way to go, Michelle and Kaya!

Your score is now UNDER FOUR PERCENT!

Do you two actually know enough math to know how bad that is?

{I really don’t know how Michelle Rhee and Kaya Henderson sleep at night, knowing they are such complete and utter failures. But then again, I don’t understand the psychopathic personality. Most people, like me, are aware of many of our own personal failures, and regret them deeply. {Some of us ask for forgiveness in formal religious settings, while others just stew over these failures all our lives…}

(Rhee, however, said on-camera in one of John Merrow’s initial laudatory films on her career that she had never done ANYTHING that she had any regrets for – or words to that effect. My jaw dropped when I saw her say that.) 


As before, the original set of documents listing all those $64.5 million’s worth of promises to  billionaire’s foundations can be found on page 22, here.

And if you want to do the digging yourself to check my spreadsheet’s arithmetic, you can find the DC-CAS scores for 2011 here; but be prepared to do some tedious number-crunching!

I really don’t know how Michelle Rhee and Kaya Henderson sleep at night, knowing they are such complete and utter failures. But then again, I don’t understand the psychopathic personality.



The saga so far:

  9. (this one)


Once again, let me credit my colleague Erich Martel for coming up with the idea of going back to the original promises and seeing if they were kept or not, and sharing his findings with me. These calculations are generally my own, so if you find any mistakes, don’t blame him. Blame me.

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  1. Seeing that Rhee politicized and publicized the extortion of professional lives by insisting that principals guarantee certain results and then firing them for not meeting those goals … essentially destroying the careers, families, and lives of dedicated, thoughtful people while not feeling the exact same trauma is the epitome of an unethical double standard and should be criminal as well. The type of abuse and neglect for her faculty and staff that this represents warrants a public firing as painful as she inflicted on those under her watch. … for now she can wallow in the manure that is required test the products of her new position in a lawn care fertilizer business.


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