Is The Harlem Success Academy a Success, or just a Fraud?

A researcher has looked into the claims of Eva Moskowitz and her Harlem Success Academy that they do a much better job of educating the exact same types of kids than do the local public schools.

The writer shows that none of those claims are true: these Moskowitz Academies do NOT enroll the same types of students; they have enormous attrition rates; and even with all that skimming and “creaming”, they are not very successful.

The post is at Diane Ravitch’s blog at .

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  2. I am deeply disturbed by how the PR for the Harlem Success Academy relies on stereotypes of African-American neighborhoods to promote their schools. First, PR efforts only focus on the majority African-American part of Harlem, portraying it as poor and uneducated. However, Harlem has historically one of the wealthier African-American neighborhoods and historically the vast majority of African-American students go on to university. At one time an elementary school in Harlem was judged one of the ten best in the US.

    Spanish Harlem does not seem to exist in the videos promoting Harlem Success Academy. There didn’t seem to be any immigrants, any Asian-Americans, anyone with Native American ancestry, any white people at the lottery in the video that I saw.

    They videos make it sound like that one really bad part of the Bronx which itself may not be that bad anymore.


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