Would kids at Exeter or Choate or Sidwell or Lakeside choose to go to a no-excuses “college prep” public charter school?

Let’s see. That would mean that Exeter kids would no longer have classes of the 12 students sitting around a very large purpose built oval table where they discuss whatever the topic of the class is with their very-experienced instructor. Who makes up the curriculum and designs the projects and the tests and grades them him/herself, often by the very next class.
No, in Bloomberg’s model charter school (or in Rocketship Academies) they would sit in a class of about 100 with a neophyte temporary teacher and are expected to teach themselves from laptop computers.
A model that we now know (MOOCs) is about as successful as ” programmed instruction” in the 1950s and 1960s or “remote tv instruction” was back then:
Not at all.
A few kids out of every thousand succeed. The rest all give up.

Oh, and the tests are all given online, written by some low-paid crew of temps that will never ever meet the students and are not required to have any actual classroom experience. Just a pulse and an ability to follow rubrics and to write sentences in the proper format. Which is I guess what we’re training these kids to do, right? Follow directions very carefully and don’t expect anybody to listen to your ideas.

Yup, that’ll go over well at Sidwell or the Chicago Lab School.

Oh, and no sports or extracurricular activities and essentially no art, music, or any other hands-on activities. And no talking between classes, March on the proper linoleum tiles, in silence.
And double periods of test prep in math and reading. About that reading: no novels or short stories. Just passages and then a bunch of tricky-to-idiotic multiple-choice or BCR responses, by computer. No discussion.

Yeah, right.

And KIPPsters claim that’s college prep?

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    Would kids at Exeter or Choate or Sidwell or Lakeside choose to go to a no-excuses “college prep” public charter school? | GFBrandenburg’s Blog


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