Jack Berman Fights an Endless War for the Rich and Powerful

Richard Berman is better at twisting public opinion in favor of the rich and powerful than anybody else alive. He gave a speech to the Wesern Energy Alliance, explaining how he gets people confused about whether fracking or global warming and climate change, or labor unions, or increasing the minimum wage, are good things or not — even though the entire audience was quite aware that the public as a whole hates oil industry executives.

One of the people in the audience recorded the secret speech and leaked it to the New York Times. You can read the NYT article on it here.

Berman is a major sleaze-bag, and so is his friend Jack Hubbard, who also addressed the group.

Here is the link to the transcript of his speech, and I append a few quotes from the transcript:

From Rick Berman on keeping their funding sources secret:

rick berman

Jack Hubbard explains how they spend lots of money digging up nasty stuff to discredit anybody they disagree with. He starts off explaining how he will soon be attacking a liberal Colorado congressman named Jared Polis.

jack hubbard

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