David Sirota pointed out that we need a war on poverty, not a war on teachers and schools

Excellent article in Salon by David Sirota that appeared in June. Not sure that I read it at the time; several friends of mine have pointed it out to me recently, so I thought I would return the favor to my readers.

Sirota points out that the strongest socio-economic correlation anywhere in the US is between family income and educational achievement.

I would add that in my town, Washington, DC, that correlation still occurs, yet ALL of the teachers in ALL of the schools are either brand-new (that is, hired by DEformers Rhee and Henderson under mayoral control) or have been rated effective or highly effective. So the low achievement of poor kids in Washington, DC can not be laid at the feet of the imaginary legions of lazy, unionized teachers waiting for retirement!




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  1. Of course this is the case. But instead far too many of us continue to credit the mantra promulgated by Ronald Reagan that the poor are all welfare cheats. At the same time he dissed the poor he reduced taxes on the rich by a huge amount. Since then we reap what he hath sown.

    Consider these maximum US tax rates: 1953: 92%; 1963: 91%; 1973: 70%; 1983: 50%; 1993: 39.6%; 2003: 35%; 2013: 39.6%. If we could return to the tax rates of even the Eisenhower years, we could solve many of this nation’s problems. Will we? Of course not. Instead we’ll attack the defenseless poor, vilify our teachers, reject science, let our infrastructure continue to decline and destroy the already reduced power of unions. Not a pretty sight.


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