Lynching – Lest We Forget

Let us remember the number of savage and barbaric lynchings performed in the American South from 1880 up to the year I was born (1950): almost four thousand.

Let us also recall that every single one of these atrocities was undoubtedly committed by people who described themselves as god-fearing, upright Christians who were opposing the very second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, namely “that all men are created equal”.  They were designed to terrorize the Black population of the South into submission, into not asking for equal rights, and to help reverse the results of the Civil War.

Here is the graphic from today’s New York Times showing where and when these lynchings occurred.


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  1. This is a sad commentary on our historic past. Even sadder is the fact that these drives are abroad in the world today: race against race, religion against religion. The more you observe the world today, including our own country, the more you realize that we all live close to the edge of civilization. We would like to feel that we are as “advanced” in our thinking as we are in our science and technology. Sadly, we are not and we backslide too easily. We must heed the Red Queen’s advice to Alice: “Here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”


  2. Jeff Halevy

    Lynching – Lest We Forget | GFBrandenburg’s Blog


  3. Eric Gonchar

    Lynching – Lest We Forget | GFBrandenburg’s Blog


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