Resisting the Testing Juggernaut

This is from Bob Schaeffer:

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Normally, FairTest sends out these news clips summaries once a week, early each Tuesday afternoon. With school standardized exam season now in full gear, however, the flow of stories about testing resistance and reform actions is accelerating rapidly. This special edition  — with updates from more than half the 50 states over just three days — reports on the first, too-modest steps by policy makers across the U.S. to respond to the growing grassroots pressure for assessment reform.

As more students opt out, parents demonstrate, school board members pass resolutions and polls show strong public opposition to test misuse and overuse, we are confident that there will be many more updates by next Tuesday and in the coming weeks.

Remember that back-issues of “Testing Resistance & Reform News” are archived at:

National Revolt Against High-Stakes Testing is Growing: So Is Its Impact

School Test Cheating Investigated

Tests Graded by Non-Educators

Educators Blast Weak Education Reform Bill
Colorado Schools Need Less Testing, More Teaching

Superintendents Say Students Can Opt Out of Tests, No “Sit and Stare”

Teacher Urges Parents to Stand Up Against New State Exams
Florida House Unanimously Endorses Small Reduction in Testing Overkill

Parents Launch Opt-Out Drive

Illinois Students Opt Out of PARCC Tests

Indiana State School Board Member Offers Ideas to Cut Testing Time

Louisiana Opt Outs Top 4,000

Maryland State Senate Votes Unanimous Approval of Test Review Commission

Massachusetts Schools Deal with PARCC, Pearson and Pushback
Teachers Say PARCC Is Failing Students and Schools

Michigan Testing Politics Adds Stress for Students and Teachers

Assessment Reform Depends in Part on Federal Law Changes
Minnesota Students Face Too Much Testing

Mississippi Ends Graduation Testing Requirement
Mississippi Parents, Students Protest PARCC Tests

New Hampshire
Students Administered Wrong Smarter Balanced Assessment

New Jersey
Furor Over Test Privacy
Concern Mounting About Pearson’s Role in Education

New Mexico
Educators Block Test-Based Teacher Evaluation Bill
New Mexico Teachers Not Allowed to “Disparage” Standardized Tests

New York
Is Testing Public Education to Death
New York Must Clear Up Mystery of Missing Test Items

High School Students Opt Out of New Tests
Ohio School District Blasts PARCC Exam

Oregon Schools Begin Testing Under Protests; More Families Opt Out
Scores From New Oregon Test Will Not Be Used on School Report Cards

Pennsylvania‘s PARCC Tests Benefit Pearson, Not Pupils

Rhode Island
Parents Mobilizing Against New Standardized Test

Tennessee Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose School Closings Based on Test Scores

State Senate Overwhelmingly Endorses Bill Easing Graduation Testing Requirement

Utah‘s New Civics Test Will Waste Student Learning Time

Senate Endorses Suspension of School Consequences From Test Scores

No Child Left Behind Fails to Work “Miracles” — Spurs Cheating

Ditch the Test and Punish Model: AFT President

What if “Education Reform” Movement Got It All Wrong?

More Testing Promoted as the “Rational Solution” for Schools: That’s the Problem

Bob Schaeffer, Public Education Director
FairTest: National Center for Fair & Open Testing
office-   (239) 395-6773   fax-  (239) 395-6779
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