Will eating meat really kill you?

A number of recent press blurbs claim that recent studies have proved that eating meat in any form will definitely kill you and take years off your life.

You can read an excellent analysis casting much doubt on those studies here.

If you don’t want to read that anlysis, here is the gist of it: these Meat-Kills studies are NOT based on actual, controlled experimental studies with two groups of people whose food intake and other habits are actually measured and whose outcomes are measured.

Instead, they are based on people writing down what they THINK they ate over the past four years. And unfortunately, most of us have a hard time remembering what we ate yesterday, much less a week ago. The chances of someone remembering accurately what they ate over a period of four years is … about zero. Plus, people generally lie on questionnaires like this. They over-report the amount of exercise they do and the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat, and under-report the amount of sweets, alcohol, red meat, and junk food that they consume.

Another problem with this ‘study’ is that the folks who claimed they did eat red meat or items like salami and hot dogs also claimed that they smoked more tobacco, were less physically active, and ate about twice the number of calories per day as the folks who claimed they did not eat red meat. We know for a fact that smoking cigarettes  WILL kill you.

So, if the folks in the study were telling the truth, could the real culprit be something other than the meat? We won’t know until someone does a better experimental, controlled study.

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