What can parents and teachers learn from the new Common Core report cards?

Nothing at all.

All that teachers and parents get back, 6 or 7 months after the tests are given, is a number.

 All those extra hours of impossibly difficult, ambiguous, computer-based testing that was supposed to give parents and teachers actionable data? Take a look for yourself at the results given in New York State last year, one of the first states to give the next generation of Common Core tests, and tell me what useful information you see:


I see nothing that is of any use to anyone except for small-minded policy wonks who are intent on labeling certain schools and teachers as “failing” because they have students who don’t have scores that are as high as some other students in other schools. Thus justifying closing the schools, firing the teachers, and turning the education of those kids over to unaccountable private operators who won’t do any better, but who will make a lot of profits.

Nowhere in this report does it explain what the student’s strengths and weaknesses are in reading or math or writing. And even though preparing for this test, and taking this test, took somewhere between one-third and one-quarter of the school year and umpteen million dollars of finding that could have been spent on something useful.

The child is literally reduced to a score.

Such a travesty. 

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  1. Here’s another sample of the same thing



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