Watch Christie rant against teachers and then read the counterattack from a teacher

Both the video and an NJ teacher’s response can be found here or below:
Watching the video, I was appalled at the endless stream of untruths spill from that fat fool’s mouth. No mention of the fact that in Camden and Newark, the places where he claims that over $25,000 is spent per pupil, and achievement and family incomes are both very low, are booth under HIS direct control as governor of NJ. Control of those schools is not under the local school board, nor the mayors. He, Chris Christie, runs the show there. I am also willing to bet that enormous amounts of that money is going to pay for high priced consultants, central office administrators, unnecessary hi-tech boondoggles, and middle level APs or whatever title they have who make sure that teachers are following today’s’ lesson script. He is in charge. His “reformers” spouting the very same rhetoric have been in charge in those cities for about 20 years, and the kids there do not have a choice of doing vocational tech OR college. No, vocational training had been banned. And those wonderful online lessons via iPad and so on? Sorry, but they all suck. Most textbooks I’ve seen are better. And you know what? A 15-year old math textbook may indeed be kilometers better thanlesdons produced online. And you can buy those books cheap, too!

And guess what kind of schools have all the kids sitting in rows listening silently while the teacher lectures? Highly-regimented no-excuses exclusionary charter schools. You know, the ones that Christie says get great results (he doesn’t mention that it’s because they exclude or push out kids who don’t work and are rebellious — solutions that are specifically forbidden to high poverty public schools).
What a lying hypocrite Christie is!
He’s the much greater threat to this nation than ISIS ISIL!

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