The Slave Population of South Carolina in 1860?

When the voters (ie white male population) of South Carolina voted to betray the Constitution of the United States and secede from the Union in 1861* because they did NOT believe that all men are created equal, they certainly did not speak for a majority of the state’s population.
According to the official census data for 1860, slaves constituted 57% of the population of SC at the time. In case you weren’t aware, in today’s elections, any time a candidate gets 57% of the vote, pundits talk about “overwhelming majorities”.

By the way, you should sign the petition to drop the charges against the brave woman who removed the flag of slavery, treason and racism from Charleston SC.


(*I stupidly wrote 1865 originally. I don’t know why I did so. Being a pro-union kid growing up in a Border State, I am quite aware of the dates of the Civil War. Thanks to a commenter for correcting me.)

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  1. Minor problem: You have the secession date wrong. It was, of course, 1861. The war effectively ended in 1865.

    While I can fully understand the young woman’s urge to take down the flag,I cannot support her action. If the legal process failed, then I would support her, but that action is proceeding.


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