The difference between Trump and Sanders

… is explained by the incomparable Peter Greene at Curmudgucation.

Here is the gist:

“That’s the difference from Bernie Sanders, who is not playing a game at all, but is simply trying to communicate a message. Trump, who is playing a game, has no message to communicate. Sanders is revealing the hollowness of the Presidential race by showing what substance looks like. Trump is revealing the hollowness by turning it into performance art, an exaggerated cartoon candidacy, a show that turns to the other candidates and says, “Look, if you really want to play this bullshit game, let’s really do it, and not just half-ass it like you bums are used to doing. If you want to be a bullshit slinging, woman-bashing, minority-abusing, ethically rudderless asshat, let me show you how it’s really done.””

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  1. Those of us, like myself who, when the situation calls for it, willingly don elaborate tin foil hats so our comments are not taken too seriously would go a step or three further than the basic truth of Greene’s point. Once Trump has lead all of the sheeple candidates and their advisors and consultants deep into the territory of unelectable policy insanity, will Trump, at the very last second, do a 180 and strand them all there by pointing out their lack of independent thought and of any morality at all as he makes a beeline toward reason, or will he go even a step further after stranding them and (virtually impossibly) thank them for their atrocious efforts and inflict the final insult on the republican parties decadent moral vacuum by waving goodbye as he endorses Sanders? Have we gone so far into satire and absurdity that we have come full circle? Will the good people at The Onion become so incapacitated by their inability to write any satire that can be distinguished from reality that they are all medicated and taken away to an asylum? Stay tuned……….


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