Dr Carson Disqualifies Himself

Ben Carson sent me a mass email saying he wouldn’t back down from saying that Muslims should not be qualified to run for office unless they explicitly disavowed all the parts of the Koran that he, Ben Carson, disapproved of. Never mind the article of the Constitution (NOT an amendment) that specifically says there shall never be any religious test for any US office whatsoever. (So he (Carson) specifically wants to violate one of the best parts of our constitution.)


But what about Christian and Jewish candidates – the only ones Carson approves of? I’ve seen a bunch of lists of all sorts of offenses for which the penalty is death in the Jewish and Christian Bibles (chapter and verse cited, and many translations). I mean, like wearing wearing cotton/Lycra Spandex blends, getting remarried, eating bacon, and working on whatever day the Sabbath is on. Parts of the book specifically approve of genocide, rape, murder and slavery — just like the Koran.

Christians aren’t off the hook, either, unless they specifically disavow the part where Jesus says that he wasn’t going to change a single letter of the Old Testament. And what kind of evil sinners are most of us guys do a whole lot of lusting and coveting, bearing false witness (ie lying), becoming angry and wroth and generally being wicked. No way that Carson, Cruz, Trump, or any other of the dozens of people running for President don’t commit crimes every day that would justify their murders under some section of the Bible.

Fortunately, though they may not like each other very much, I haven’t heard any of the candidates – and certainly not Dr Carson – casting stones on the folks who work for them on the Sabbath — have you? I conclude, and so must you, that Carson disapproves of many of the nutty parts of the Bible, the ones in favor of slavery and stoning and most murders. But HE WON’T PUT IT IN WRITING! Sure, he may SAY he’s in favor of democracy and against genocide, but his sacred book upholds everything we fought against during our Revolution 240 years ago! So, he can’t be trusted, because his sacred book says most of us should be killed! (And the same for just about all of the other candidates) So he has disqualified himself, if you grant his premise!

My Cousin’s Bar-Mitzvah.

During his Bar-Mitzvah ceremony, one of my young cousins had to recite and discuss a section of Exodus or Leviticus where God ordered the Hebrews not only to murder all the Canaanites, but also to burn down or otherwise destroy all their enemies’ former sacred forests, rock formations and so on, in order to obliterate their entire memory. Truly a genocide in the literal sense of the word. My cousin recited the verses just fine, but in his own analysis, he said that while he considered himself a Jew, he could not agree at all with the wishes expressed in the verses.


Good for him! (Nobody should be advocating genocide!

(Recall, even Thomas Jefferson, the slave owning hypocrite, at least had enough honesty to do just that: cut out all the parts of the Bible he thought were evil or Bunkum, and bind the rest into a book. A very short book, I understand…)

I await a similar list of verses of the Old and New Testaments that Dr Carson specifically disavows. (And from anybody who agrees w Carson) Or else, both Dr Ben and any other Jewish or Christian candidate for office would — by this logic — not be qualified, because they had not specifically disavowed the bad parts of their sacred book, and those parts are really, really evil.


In fact, sounds to me like only Universalist Unitarians and pacifist atheists or secular humanists would likely hold religio-philosophical positions that don’t advocate a lot of murders and oppression… Not even Bernie Sanders would pass muster!


I probably shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this to happen.


But until then, Ben Carson has just disqualified himself and any other self-professed Christian or Jew (or any other religion I am aware of) because they have not disavowed the horrible parts of the Judeao-Christian bible.

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  1. My favorite comment about Carson: he demonstrates that surgeons are not necessarily intelligent.

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  2. What fools like Carson do not understand is that many modern Jewish and Christian denominations have continually reinterpreted the bible to reflect societal changes. The purpose of the Talmud or oral law was to make Jewish law fit changing needs. An example is that it has been about two millennium since Jews implemented the statute “an eye for an eye. . .” Instead, the Talmud stated that monetary or other compensation could be offered. Today’s liberal Congregationalists surely do not hold the same beliefs as their Puritan progenitors. It has been about 300 years since anyone has gotten flogged for not attending Sunday services. If anything, Carson’s statement me proves he is no better than some Muslims he abhors–religious extremists.


  3. I think it would be an excellent idea for members of ALL religious groups to go through their sacred books and check off which parts they do or do not go along with. Fortunately, we in the US are allowed to do that if we are Christians or Jews, even though very few of them do so explicitly (and hey, the Talmud is still a couple of centuries behind the times!). I can undrstand the reluctance of most Muslims to actually do that: they are literally risking their lives, much as heretics did in Massachusetts 300 years ago.
    But, yeah, smart guys in some ways can be really stupid in other ways.


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