Arne Duncan is Leaving

I am pleased to report that Arne Duncan is stepping down as the US Secretary of Education. I wish he was being fired and disgraced, because he has done more to destroy and resegregate public education than any other individual. Except Barack Obama, who appointed him.

Good riddance. But his replacement is not likely to be better: John King, who was utterly indifferent to parent complaints about over-testing.

(PS – sorry for the original typos. Trying to write a post via my iPhone is asking for errors galore.)

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  1. You mean segregate , not desegregate

    Diane Ravitch


  2. I meant “destroy and re-segregate”. Julian Vasquez Heilig has a list of his top ten in(s)anities:


  3. Not “desegregate” but resegregate.

    Sent from my iPad



  4. hip, hip, hooray! oh! what good news! 🙂 SL



    Uncommon Schools, the chain of charters that John King co-founded, essentially closes the achievement gap between low-income students and their wealthier peers, according to a Stanford study. Given that fact, in addition to the success of King’s other charters, why did his reforms in NY not produce the same success? Is there a reason to be suspicious of Uncommon’s success? It seems like King’s urban charters have actually produced successful outcomes for its minority students.


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