What Iraq’s descent into the inferno of “failed state” status has meant for women

I have often read that Iraq and Afghanistan have some of the most corrupt governments on earth.

(Most people – except those who are the biggest thieves – don’t like corrupt governments, so it’s not surprising that ISIS/Daesh/ISIL and the Taliban, as nutty as they are, are still growing and gaining territory — despite all the billions or trillions of dollars in US taxpayer cash spent to try to bribe “friends”.)

In the October 5 New Yorker is an article written by an Arabic-speaking reporter who was able to delve into the rotten underworld hell where many Iraqi women have been dragged — where they can only survive by being prostitutes or pimps/madams, and both the corrupt police and sectarian thuggish militias get a piece of the action — both in money and in sexual favors.

It’s a dystopia that is much nastier than anything I’ve seen in even the most pessimistic science fiction about a bleak future. The article can be reached here.

And to think that my tax dollarshelped the US military, several US presidents and congresses, and untold numbers of thuggish Mesopotamians, create all this.

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