Just like un-elected Billionaire Bill Gates really runs Education across the USA, unelected multi-millionaire Katherine Bradley runs education in DC

You may have missed an in-depth article in the DC City Paper that details how the never-elected, but very rich and powerful Katherine Bradley really is in charge of education in the District of Columbia. My former colleague Eich Martel recently nudged me to being this to the attention of my readers. Here is what he wrote:




Have you seen this CityPaper piece? If you can post it or a link to it, that would be great. I sent it to Diane Ravitch, too.


The link below is to an article that appeared in the 12/11/15 Washington City Paper. 

It describes the influence of Katherine Bradley, head of the CityBridge Foundation, funded primarily from the fortune of the Atlantic Media Company, which her husband David Bradley chairs.  

The article offers a glimpse into the way private foundations employ their non-profit status to influence public education policy. 

The article also shows how little these power brokers’ proposals deviate from the child-centered policies and fads:



– – – – –


Here are links to the 18,000+ discovery emails that were obtained from DCPS pursuant to the lawsuit sponsored by EmpowerDC seeking to block closure of 15 DCPS schools in 2013. The emails reveal how many foundations, including Bradley’s CityBridge Foundation are directly involved in DCPS policy development, implementation and oversight. When DCPS adopts the policy proposals, the foundations continue to be involved in their “investments.”



Here are the links to the Dropbox directly which houses the emails:

Individual emails – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pfxwelo37eoihjc/AADtkZapPm_2v0zLbJmWH6UFa?dl=0


Merged – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ivyytyy5egm2d3b/AABIHFV_2YByDjitVrzUgEU5a?dl=0



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