Gerald Bracey Speaks (an interview from 2003)

The late Gerald Bracey was one of the very first researchers to point out that much of the attacks on public education in America was actually false. I remember reading some of his detailed annual “Bracey Reports” and having my preconceptions shattered one by one. For example, he was the first one to convince me that in fact there is NO great shortage of trained STEM grads in this country — in fact we have a large surplus of them, despite all the propaganda saying otherwise!

Bracey died suddenly about 6-7 years ago and is greatly missed. I never met him, but I just came upon an interview from about 23 years ago, and I recommend watching it. His intellect is remarkable.

Around the 16:00 time of the half-hour interview, he gives a list of 21 qualities that are not (and probably cannot) be measured by any test, but which are actually much more important. They include things like creativity, persistence, resilience, critical thinking, motivation, leadership, empathy, curiosity, humor, civic mindedness, and courage.

These are actually much more important than any score on any test. He also points out that if nothing else, American students are trained to ask questions.

{However, there are certain charter schools that actively discourage that, and want to produce students who follow directions without any questions at all… But that obviously did not come up in this interview, because those charter chains hadn’t even been invented yet…}

Here is the link:

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