More data falsification in DCPS

My former colleague Erich Martel keeps uncovering and documenting evidence of DC education officials fabricating or falsifying data to make themselves look good without actually helping any students or parents or teachers. This letter from him deserves to be read, digested, disseminated, and acted on.
However, if the past is any guide – which it usually is – Erich’s letter will probably be ignored. Here it is:


[Attachment(s) from Erich Martel included below]

March 28, 2016 (margins: 7″ ; tabs 0.25″)

Ms. Hanseul Kang, D.C. State Superintendent of Education
Ms. Kaya Henderson, Chancellor, DC Public Schools
Ms. Jennie Niles, DC Deputy Mayor for Education
Mr. Scott Pearson, Executive Director, DC Public Charter School Board
Mr. David Grosso, Chair, Education Committee, DC Council

cc: Urban Institute 3/29 program facilitators; DC Mayor; DC Council;
bcc: media, DC public education supporters

Dear District of Columbia School Officials,

I am looking forward to your presentations at the Urban Institute’s public panel on DC’s Next Generation of Data and Research. This could truly be the start of a new day, if you commit to full data transparency within the reasonable limits of the FERPA and to true standards-based education research. I am writing this as an open letter, which, as public officials, you should welcome.

As a high school social studies teacher, my interest in data began with discoveries at Wilson H.S. of altered student grades and the high school diploma awarded to students despite missing or fabricated entries on official records and transcripts. In 2002, it led to an independent audit of all DCPS high schools that found the same mismanagement in each one. In 2006, the DC Inspector General confirmed new discoveries at Wilson HS. In 2010, the Thomas Fordham Institute distributed my report on credit recovery, describing how Chancellor Rhee’s so-called credit recovery program bypassed DC graduation requirements ( ).

As a member of the Washington Teachers’ Union Executive Board (2007-10), I served on the OSSE/OCTO SLED (State Longitudinal Education Data) adoption committee (2008) and, in 2010, testified before the NAS/NRC PERAA Evaluation Committee, whose final report noting the difficulty of getting accurate and complete data led to this Urban Institute event. In both cases, I submitted descriptions of data suppression or skewing and recommendations for data reporting.

Attached is a document that all parents and teachers would welcome from every DCPS and charter high school: The College Board’s “School Integrated Summary.” Attached in one from North Carolina, which I found posted on the web. It displays student performance results on the PSAT, SAT, SAT subject tests and AP, by test and scores. They are available annually by early September:
(full letter continued on attachment)
Erich Martel
Retired DCPS high school teacher

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Friendship Collegiate 3 2011 Transcripts Analyzed 15 0101.doc

Coll Bd School Integrated Summary NC HS 2014-15.pdf

Letter to DC Officials re Urban Inst Panel Data&Rsch.doc

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