Remedial College Courses and Real Problems

From a recent discussion on the Concerned4DCPS list about a recent NYT article on the numbers of students taking remedial courses at the college level. I have taken the opportunity to revise and extend my remarks. If you want to read these in chronological order, start at the bottom.


(From me:)

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  1. Some schools, of course, do have consequences for misbehavior, class cutting and doing no work that really mean something, up to and including removing the child from the class or school either temporarily or permanently. Some schools don’t allow this sort of foolishness at all. So yeah, we do have some serious problems in our schools. The literature provides limited evidence for the effectiveness of remedial courses on outcomes such as persistence to graduation, quality of performance in subsequent courses, drop-out, and grade point average. I am sharing some information so that they can act responsibly for their situation. I found an educational website a long time ago that helped me a lot in my study. It helped me in my school as well as in my college.


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