Blackmailing Teachers – Curmudgucation

Read the sordid story here
Anyone can write and post a complaint about a teacher, of any sort (gives too much homework, too strict, immoral, not fair to my little Jacob or Becca), true or imaginary, for all to see. For free.

(Of course, it’s also free to file an official complaint through the usual channels. And we are not living in a dictatorship where a complaint against a school employee lands you in a prison camp. Not yet.)
But to remove the complaint a teacher must pay a fee that starts at $250.00 and goes up from there. No attempt is made to ascertain any facts in any of the cases, so any readers have no way of knowing whether any of it is true or not.
It’s slander. And it’s also blackmail, plain and simple.
And neither I nor Perer Greene is making this up. 

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  1. Looks like a straight blackmail site. I hope the site owner gets a few libel suits. 🙂

    On the other hand, here is how one deals with a complaint against a teacher. (Note: Certainly not in the USA –the UK seems to value good teaching and feel a responsibility to their students)


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