The Sheer Audacity of a Lying Fabricator

Every day I am astonished at the magnitude and number of Donald Trump’s lies.

(Hillary Clinton, in comparison, is very honest — for a politician or even an ordinary human being, because we ALL tell some lies — every single day. Her worst whoppers pale in comparison to any two minutes of uninterrupted verbal diarrhea out of Trump’s ass mouth.)

The latest two sheets of fabrications by His BankTrumpcy were on the subject of Iran, Russia, and Ukraine.

Firstly, DT assured George Stephanopoulos that Putin (of Russia) had not invaded Ukraine, and guaranteed that he would never do so. When GS informed tRUMP that Putin had already invaded and annexed part of Ukraine, TWO YEARS AGO, tRUMP then said that Putin was only there ‘in a way’ and tried to pivot to blame the Obama administration.

You should listen to the interview itself or read the transcipt. His ignorance and willingness to make stuff up (ie to lie() are amazing.

Secondly, he assured his audience that he had just watched a secret tape made by the Iranian military, showing money being delivered to Iran in exchange for four American prisoners. Almost every single one of the details that he gave was a fabrication, and he was even direrctly contradicted by his own spokespeople.

Read and listen yourself here:

But what is even more amazing is the ability of millions of my countrymen to believe all of those lies and disbelieve anything said by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

(BTW, I don’t agree with everything HRC or BHO say or do!)



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  1. There was a telling exchange between Newt Gingrich and a reporter who challenged him on the “facts” he was stating. Gingrich’s response was, “That is what most people believe.” When the reporter said, “But those are false statements,” Gingrich replied, “You can have your facts; I will take those opinions.” This is what we have come to in this world.

    The other problem is that Trump makes so many false or unacceptable statements that no one can keep up with him. And the press, trying to be “fair and balanced,” picks up everything Clinton says, exaggerates it and picks on her.

    We are, I am afraid, in deep trouble in this nation. It is bad enough when half the country rejects climate change but they even reject evolution – and, in fact, science in general.


  2. I think that people just want a change….good or bad, and in this case really bad. People want to believe that he can do something if he wins…but he can’t. I’m not justifying tRUMP and his diarrhea of the mouth, but people want different, they want to feel like they are heard, they want to feel that the controlling powers hear them. It’s not true with tRUMP but neither with HRC. WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE very soon.


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