Good News: NAACP Calls for Moratorium on New Charter Schools and Better Oversight 

Details here:

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  1. Good news indeed! and thanks for posting it. Are you following the proceedings of the so-called Cross-sector Collaboration Task Force? According to attachments in a recent post on educationdc, they are considering something called “by right charter schools.” I can’t help but wonder, though they say that it would be to address “mobility” issues, which from the documents seem to mean how charter schools could prevent voluntary dis-enrollments during the year, if that isn’t perhaps a little prompted by the slew of bad news about charters recently, including today’s resolution. More of a guarantee that those in DC will continue to exist if they can manged to get tucked into the true by right school district? Any thoughts? Your loyal reader, Sarah

    On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 2:57 PM, GFBrandenburg’s Blog wrote:

    > gfbrandenburg posted: “Details here: > 2016/10/15/breaking-news-charter-resolution-ratified- > by-naacp-national-board/” >


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