The Only Worse Possible Candidate for U.S. EdSec than Michelle Rhee was Betsy Devos. So, Devos it is.

Two really bad pieces of news:

  1. Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who pushes vouchers so that she can dismantle all public schools, has been named by His Orange Fraudulency to be the next US Secretary of Education. Because the only worse possible candidate for US EdSec would be Michelle Rhee, and apparently she was busy shining her coffin. The DeVos family got their billions by bilking thousands (millions?) of people who didn’t realize that Amway is really just a pyramid (or Ponzi) scheme. It makes perfect sense that a fraud like Trump would appoint someone like DeVos, who got her billions from fraud, as well. Teachers and public school students can look forward to very grim times. Read this the indefatigable and inimitable Peter Greene for more details.
  2. Apparently somewhere between 20% and 33% of American teachers actually voted for the fellow who will shaft them even worse than they have been shafted under Arne Duncan and Barack Obama.

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  1. Shafted worse than Duncan and Obama did seems impossible. But with this piece of refuse in the DOE, a true bottom will almost assuredly be reached. She’s a religious nut with an agenda not only to destroy public education but to replace it with mandatory religious education of a very fundamentalist Christian kind. Western Michigan is fraught with Reformed Dutch Church Protestants, some of the most conservative Christians outside of the Deep South. Horrible.


  2. […] F. Brandenburg weighs in on Trump’s selection of Betsy DeVos to be Education […]


  3. About a third of American public school teachers are registered Republicans explaining why so many voted for the DT. Doesn’t “DT” sound like a sexually transmitted disease?


    • “Doesn’t “DT” sound like a sexually transmitted disease?”

      Sure. It also sounds like a charming fantasy film from the early ’80s directed by Spielberg.

      Guess it depends on your mindset.

      Got any practical ideas on how to help block the DeVos nomination, perhaps on the grounds that she is openly committed to Christianizing US K-12 public schools, rather than on the fact that the initials “BDV” sound like a brand of underwear?


      • Practical ideas? Support a national boycott on that brand of underwear that will exclusively be sold by Walmart. Do you shop at Walmart?


      • Lloyd, I’d be happy to continue off-blog.

        I consider Guy a colleague and friend. Not going to waste his time or that of his other readers. Some people seem to think you have loads of great things to say. Perhaps you’ll enlighten me and others with one meaningful thing you’re doing about DeVos or Trump before January 20, 2017. I’m pretty sure that vulgar observations about their what their initials remind you of won’t slow their momentum.


      • I’ve read enough about MPG from others to know he is a troll. I will not waste my time offline or online debating a troll like MPG on any topic.

        What can one citizen, who is not wealthy, do to combat Trumpism and TD’s minions without ending up dead or in prison?

        My answer to that question is for everyone that reads this comment, but not for MPG.

        1. Vote in every election and fact check before voting. Use Vote Smart, other fact check sites, and primary fact gathering sources to learn about the candidates.

        2. Support others, like, for instance, Zepher Teachout, with my comments and blog posts and/or or donations if I have the money to spare after I meet my monthly living expenses.

        3. Avoid trolls like MPG

        What I won’t do?

        1. I will not be physically joining large groups that protest and demonstrate in the streets against tyrants, greed, and hate promoted by Trumpism. That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with them. I usually do and will support them by not acting to stop them.

        2. I will not become a ditto head by not paying attention to trolls like MPG or listening to any of the many conservative hate media talk shows on the internet, TV or radio. If you feed the trolls, you promote their message of hate and divisiveness.


      • Lloyd, a troll isn’t someone who disagrees with you, or who points out that your “arguments” seem to be primarily grounded in schoolyard taunts of people who aren’t even here (e.g., Donald Trump).

        You’ve earned my disrespect by twisting and misrepresenting many things I’ve posted on Ravitch’s blog. While a disease peculiar to neither people who fancy themselves to be progressives, conservatives, or otherwise, it’s a truly abysmal tactic. In your case, however, it appears to be a problem with either reading or honesty, or perhaps both.

        Why you can’t simply argue against opponents in terms of what they actually say eludes me. I wish I could say you caught the disease from NYC parent (on Ravitch’s blog) but sadly, you’ve been doing it for years. Once in a while, you actually make sense, but such things are too few and far between to make up for the childish mudslinging against non-participant foes or the distortions of those of us who deign to take issue with your comments.

        Of course, you don’t want to engage off-list. No one to impress one-to-one, and the name-calling rolls of my back in any case.

        As for your list of personal do’s and don’t’s: how about getting your facts in order and then writing to as many media outlets and politicians as you can to try to get useful, true, non-epithet-filled information out there? Costs nothing. I’m reasonably sure that you’re not in worse financial shape than I am. And I do that sort of thing all the time.

        Until I went back to work full-time a month ago, I spent a great deal of time doing that kind of thing, on Facebook, where I have about 5,000 followers & ‘friends,’ and in many other outlets. I blogged on math education and on education politics. I participated in the blogs of lots of other people. But there is a limit to how much echo-chamber nonsense I will put up with. I’m sure you and a few others were just thrilled that I decided to unsubscribe from Ravitch’s Hillary-obsessed love-fest. For all my alleged trollery, it was I and several others who were trying to get the echo-chamber to turn from non-stop screaming about Trump towards the sort of pragmatic action I have called for in multiple places who left of our own volition. I never ask that anyone be banned or try to get people to quit a forum: I do ask for fair play, equal treatment, etc., and when it becomes clear that that isn’t going to happen, I tend to throw up in my mouth a little. And then move on.

        I love the fact that you and some of your other intellectually dishonest cronies always go to the “Oh, X is a troll, let’s shun him/her” approach. So adult. So mature. And so convenient. Because when you have no intention of being limited to what people say and instead prefer to create straw-opponents based on putting words in the mouths of your critics and dissenters, having that pointed out repeatedly is obviously uncomfortable for you. And so you must call for others to be complicit with your cowardice (and yes, I know you’re an ex-military guy, as if that’s either intimidating or an excuse or proof that you’re a straight shooter).

        Just remember, Lloyd: there are always people who see through you and those like you. And on Facebook and elsewhere, no one much cares when you choose to “ignore” someone. So be my guest. Call me a troll. Maybe you have a bridge you’d like to sell that I should go under? :^) You’re a funny man, but oddly lacking in humor.


      • Don’t feed the troll!


      • So, while Lloyd has shown us how to do nothing of import or effect, I trust that other readers here are planning to actively fight the appointment of Betsy DeVos and, should she be confirmed, whatever predictably execrable policies she and the new administration cook up and try to implement.

        While street demonstrations before the inauguration of a new POTUS and VP strike me as generally premature, in the case of DeVos, there isn’t a lot of guesswork needed to figure out her agenda. If you’re not deeply familiar with her read these:

        Might be more useful than making cheap references to venereal disease and nothing else. The stories in the NY TIMES, etc., are too soft on what Betsy wants to accomplish. Was she 100% forthright with Trump on her religious agenda? If so, why would a non-devout person like him not seem to care?

        One thing I found less threatening about Trump than I did about the likes of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, for example, was his lack of deep religious conviction (or ceaseless religious rhetoric). This latest appointment is a little puzzling, given that he might have had Rhee or Moskowitz without the religion. I’d have called for fighting any of those three tooth and nail, but DeVos is beyond the pale. If she can’t be blocked, she has to be blunted.


  4. Why is the USA trying to destroy its educational system?

    Up and coming countries like China and India must be watching in shock and delight.

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  5. Don’t sit on your hands like Lloyd Lofthouse seems intent upon doing in his eagerness to not “Feed the Trolls.” Do something:

    Tell your senators to vote NO! on the nomination of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education. Add something about her religious agenda for US public K-12 education to the prewritten letter from the Network for Public Education.


  6. […] math teacher G. F. Brandenburg on his GRBRANDENBURG’S BLOG writes that “The Only Worse Possible Candidate for U.S. EdSec Than Michelle Rhee was Betsy DeVos.  So, DeVos it is.”  “Teachers and public school […]


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